Man sells girlfriend for $6,000, buyer rapes and chains her in cave

This 16-year-old teen girl from Guangxi, China, paid a terrible price for falling in love with the wrong man.

Brought up by her grandparents, the girl - known only as Xiaowei - had trouble making ends meet.

Her father died from illness and her mother disappeared when she was a child. So she dropped out of school in June to work.

That's when she met and fell in love with a man, 25.

The man, surnamed Liu, became her boyfriend. But after less than two months dating, he sold her for RMB$30,000 (S$6,100), Chinese press reported last month.

Raped and chained in cave

Xiaowei's nightmare continued: The buyer and other men took turns to rape her, while locking her in a cave for more than 10 days, China’s He Fei Zai Xian reported.

The victim sought help from the public when the buyer brought her to a market last month.

Police arrested four men for their involvement in trafficking young girls.

Source: Star Online, Chinese press

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