Mother finds out daughter, 9, was raped through her diary

A curious mother in Malaysia took a peek at her nine-year-old daughter's diary and got a rude shock.

The writings were on how the girl had been raped by a babysitter’s teenage son when she was five, reported Harian Metro.

The woman, who is in her 40s, immediately asked her daughter about it.

The newspaper quoted a source as saying:

"The victim admitted (to) being raped by the 16-year-old teenager.

"Shocked with what she heard, the woman brought her daughter to the Pandan police station in Ampang to lodge a police report."

The girl was taken to a hospital, and a check revealed that there was an old tear inside her private parts.

"Police managed to find the nanny’s house and detained the teenager.

"They have also recorded statements from the suspect before releasing him on police bail," the source added.

Source: The Star

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