M'sia man fights off intruders who were trying to rape his wife

A husband saved his wife from being raped by kicking two intruders repeatedly.

The man had been in a different part of the house from his wife when he heard her shouting at about 7am.

"Suddenly, I heard my wife shouting for help. When I rushed to the living room, both intruders were already naked and one of them was pinning my wife down," he said.

"I instinctively kicked both of them as hard as I could."


The man in his 50s, who wanted to be known only as Ahmad, said the intruders were two men between the ages of 20 and 40.

His wife is also in her 50s.

Mr Ahmad's neighbours heard the commotion and rushed over to help. They managed to catch one of the intruders.

The man who escaped was later tracked down by police.

Mr Ahmad, who lives in Gombak, Selangor, said the two suspects are his neighbours, but that he did not speak with them.

Source: The Star

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