Murder suspect asks iPhone: Hey, Siri, where can I hide a body?

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This murder suspect, a university student in Florida, told the Siri application on his iPhone that he "needed to hide (his) roommate". 

Siri's creepy response? "What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps."

The next day, his roommate went missing. His body was found three weeks later. 


These details emerged in the ongoing trial of Pedro Bravo, 20, accused of killing his roommate Christian Aguilar in 2012, when both men were only 18.

Prosecutors allege Bravo was jealous of Aguilar's relationship with Bravo's ex-girlfriend, reported the Daily Mirror. 

Police have been searching Bravo's phone for clues, and found that on Sept 20, 2012 - the last night the two men were seen together - a request to Siri was made on the phone, asking for locations to "hide" someone. 

Police also discovered that tracking information on the phone does not match Bravo's alleged whereabouts on that same date. 

Also, the torchlight function on the phone had been used nine times that night, for a total of 48 minutes. 

Sources: Daily Mirror, Time


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