Raped journalist's best-selling memoirs to be adapted into Hollywood film

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She was raped and abused for 15 months after being kidnapped by Somali fundamentalists.

But Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout said she has forgiven her captors in her best-selling book, The House In The Sky, which is set to be adapted as a Hollywood film starring Academy Award nominee Rooney Mara, reported Daily Mail. 

Ms Amanda Lindhout and her best-selling book, A House In The Sky.

She said: "It’s pretty clear my captors were products of war and certainly had been shaped by that.

"They’re human beings with painful stories of their own. It doesn’t make them innocent by any means, but they’re products of a culture of violence."

Ms Lindhout, 33, and her ex-boyfriend Aussie photographer Nigel Brennan were doing a story on displaced people outside Mogadishu​ in 2008. 

They were captured by armed men hoping to exchange their release for ransom money, reported CBC News.

Constant abuse

Said Ms Lindhout: "The reality of my experience was very violent.

"It was difficult to get through a day, and I didn’t know when, or if, it would end.

"It was almost constant abuse."

The pair was released in November 2009 when a private negotiator was paid about US$600,000 (S$748,000) to transfer the amount to the kidnappers. 

Ms Lindhout even received a Facebook message from one of her captors that praised her for her work in Somalia, said Daily Mail.

She said: "The fact that they know about the work I’m doing now … that I have chosen compassion, that they could see that they didn’t break me — that’s the best justice I could have," she said.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBC News

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