Robber attacks M'sian woman with knife, leaves her disfigured

She has to live with scars on her face after being beaten and almost being raped during an armed robbery earlier this week.

Miss Nur Shafiqa Lah, 22, was at her home in Kelantan on Monday when two armed robbers invaded the premises at 2pm.

The duo yanked Miss Nur Shafiqa out of the bathroom and held her 58-year-old mother hostage in another room.

They became aggressive after she refused to hand over her gold ring and mobile phone

Then, one of the robbers tried to rape her.

Miss Nur Shafiqa told reporters on Wednesday: "The man had dropped his pants. I was fighting back although he was armed with a knife. He continued punching my face and slashed me with the knife. 

"I thought that it was the end for me until his accomplice called out his name. I locked the door after he left the room, and started yelling for help from the window.

"The robbers then panicked and left the house."

'Worst experience of my life'

Miss Nur Shafiqa​ suffered cuts and bruises on her face and hands, and required stitches.

"There is no way to erase the pain, agony and trauma I suffered. I cannot forget the incident.

"It is the worst experience of my life, and I also worry about the cost of removing the scar on my face,” she said.

Rumours have been circulating on social media that Miss Nur Shafiqa​​ was a victim of revenge and that her ex-boyfriend was behind the attack.

She is reported to have broken off with him and become engaged to another man

But police said on Wednesday that the attack was the work of drug addicts.

Kelantan police chief Deputy Commissioner Mazlan Lazim said: "We have identified the assailants and they are mere thugs with the intention of robbing someone to finance their urges."

Source: The Star

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