Shocking video: Road bully deliberately runs over old man

This article is more than 12 months old

WARNING: Some people may find these images disturbing. 

Unhappy that a white BMW has been tailing him, an old man gets out of his Nissan to give the driver a piece of his mind.

He walks to the driver's window and berates the younger man for five seconds before heading back to the car.

What happens next is absolutely shocking. 

The BMW deliberately rams into the old man as he is getting back into the car, before cutting in front of the Nissan.

The elderly man is left writhing in pain on the ground.

What is even more chilling about the incident is that the younger driver actually gets out of his car and checks it for damage before driving off.

The road rage incident in Moscow was caught on the dash board camera of a car.

According to the time stamp on the video which has been uploaded on YouTube, the accident happened on Monday.

News website RT reported that Moscow police confirmed the incident and are looking for the driver.

Source: RT