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A 51-year-old man was arrested yesterday for suspected involvement in a case of cat abuse in Yishun.

He is the second man to be arrested following a spate of some 20 cat deaths that took place in the neighbourhood since September last year.

In a joint statement, the police and the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) said that the police were alerted to a cat carcass found on the grass verge next to Block 116, Yishun Ring Road, at about 6pm on Jan 22.

The man was arrested yesterday at about 2am in Yishun Ring Road.

The police and AVA said the man is from the household which owned the dead cat and is assisting authorities with their investigations.

"Investigations are also ongoing to establish if the man is involved in other Yishun cat death cases."

Investigations have begun on one of the 14 repatriated workers jailed in Bangladesh.

Ali Abdul is being investigated by police in Chuadanga, Bengali newspaper Bhorer Kagoj reported yesterday.

Fourteen of the 27 radicalised Bangladeshis arrested under Singapore's Internal Security Act were jailed under the Anti-Terrorism Act on Dec 27 in their home country after they were repatriated.

A terror-linked case was found registered against Ali Abdul, 40, in Tongi police station, in Dhaka. It showed him having been arrested for this case. Based on that report, police in his hometown of Chuadanga have resumed questioning his family members and associates.

A winter storm that could bury parts of the US under nearly 90cm of snow slammed into Washington on Friday, threatening the US capital with record accumulations as it barrelled up the East Coast.

Six people died in car crashes as the wintry mix spread across Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.

The storm could dump 61 to 76cm of snow on the capital and bring winds of 48 to 80kmh before winding down late on Saturday afternoon. By then it would have moved over Philadelphia and New York, bringing 30 to 46cm of snow to the area.

- Reuters.

Three people in New York State have tested positive for the Zika virus, which has been blamed for a surge in babies born with abnormally small heads in Latin America, city officials said on Friday.

All three had travelled to areas outside the US where the mosquito-borne ailment is spreading rapidly, the New York State Department of Health said, without specifying where.

Officials said one person has completely recovered, while the others are still getting better.

US health authorities earlier expanded a travel warning for pregnant women to avoid 22 places in Latin America and the Caribbean due to the Zika virus.

- AFP.