Teen falls off cliff while talking to mum

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An American teenager was out hiking alone on an Alaskan mountain trail to enjoy the sights and sounds of waterfalls when she fell.

Her mother, who was 2,400km away in Omak, Washington, was on the phone with her when she fell. The mother, Shelly, heard her scream and then there was silence, reported the Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle.

Cherelle LaGrou was rescued from a ledge after she fell on Sunday near Denali National Park. Alaska.

Thankfully Cherelle LaGrou, 18, came on the line a while later to tell her mum that she had survived the fall.

The daughter said she was scared and stuck on a ledge, about 20 metres above a creek in Denali National Park.

Cherelle works there as a housekeeper in a lodge.

“We were on the phone together (abo​ut 15 minutes) when the ground went out from under her. She was hysterical and did not know what happened. I calmed her down," Mrs LaGrou told the Chronicle.

Meanwhile, her husband frantically called the lodge, which alerted the Alaskan State Troopers, who sent a rescue team.


Family and friends took to Facebook to comment about her lucky break

The rescue was filmed by National Geographic Channel, who were in the area shooting the reality show “Alaska State Troopers.” 

Sources: Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle​, National Geographic Channel



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