Thai mother wants police to arrest son for raping his biological sister

Her report shocked Thai cops.

A mother from Chonburi, a city south-east of capital Bangkok, turned up at a police station on Wednesday (Nov 12) with a shocking accusation: Her adult son, 46, had raped her youngest daughter, 32.

The daughter is now seven months pregnant.

That led to mother Somwang Nithimonkhol filing a police report against her son Boonsong Saeton, local media said.

The 65-year-old Somwang told the police that Boonsong and his wife visited her house while she was out selling vegetables seven months ago.

Victim tried to kill herself

With the help of his wife, Boonsong raped his biological sister.

Their mother only learned of the attack recently - after the daughter, suffering from stress, tried to kill herself. 

It seems the man had threatened to kill his sister if she told anyone about what happened.

The victim has been sent to the hospital for a physical examination while the suspects will be brought in for questioning, Thairath reported.

Sources: Thairath, Morning News, Facebook/ Coconuts Bangkok 

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