Thai rail worker raped, killed girl, 13, on train

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A Thai railway worker raped a 13-year-old Thai girl, killed her and threw her body out of a Bangkok-bound overnight train early Sunday morning.

Nong Kaem's naked body was found near the tracks after a two-day, twenty-man search, but the shocking crime has sparked public outrage.

Intoxicated and high on drugs, railway employee​ Wanchai Saengkhao opened the window in Nong Kaem's carriage so that the sound of the wind would cover the noise of the rape, reported Phuket News. 

After committing the crime, he killed her and threw her body off the train. The victim's clothes and blood-stained bed sheet were also shoved out of the train.

Mr Saengkhao, 22, later sold Nong Kaem's iPhone 5S, but her phone was tracked down and his heinous deed was uncovered.


Mr Saengkhao has confessed and is facing charges of rape, concealing a body and murder, which carries the death penalty. 

But he was sullen and tight-lipped in a press conference on Tuesday as he faced the wrath of a hundred-strong crowd.

The venue for the event had to be changed to protect him after the angry crowd had surrounded the van he was in and threatened to attack him.

State Railway of Thailand governor Mr Prapas Chongsanguan faced calls for his resignation as the rapist was one directly hired by the state-owned rail operator, reported Bangkok Post.

"We must call a meeting with every side involved and will have to revise our recruitment process," he said. 

A petition on the online social movement website that called for rape to be a made capital punishment had attracted nearly 15,000 signatures within one day. 

Sources: Phuket News, Bangkok Post

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