Thai train rape-murder suspect: I raped two other girls

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A Thai rape-murder suspect has confessed that he was emboldened after two of his earlier rapes went unreported. 

Wanchai Saengkhao, who confessed on Monday to raping, killing, then throwing the 13-year-old girl, Nong Kaem, out of a train, has admitted to raping two more women, reported Bangkok Post.

Wanchai, 22, said he got away with earlier rapes because his victims, both co-workers at the state railway company, were too scared to report him to the police. 

His attack on the teen has led to national outrage and generated demands on online social networks for the death penalty in rape cases. 

The 13-year-old girl, known as Nong Kaem, was raped and killed last week.


Police took the suspect to reenact the shocking crime on Wednesday, reported Thai PBS.

Wanchai told police he was drunk and high on drugs when he strangled and raped the young girl twice.

He pointed to the spot where he sat, showed how he switched off the light in the car, and got into the bunk bed where the girl slept.

He strangled her and hit her in the stomach, he told police, until she passed out, then he opened the door to cover the noise and raped her. ​

He then searched her bag and stole her iPhone and iPad.

When the girl regained consciousness he covered her mouth and strangled her again, and raped her again, before throwing her out of the Bangkok-bound train, along with her clothes and the blood-stained bed sheet.

Wanchai later sold the victim's iPhone, which police tracked to arrest him. 

Source: Bangkok Post, Thai PBS

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