Together at the end: Profiles of six families on AirAsia QZ8501

At least 15 families were on board AirAsia flight QZ8501. The New Paper identified the families and their seats using the flight manifest. While their final moments remain unknown, here are profiles of six families.


Indonesian Louise Sidharta, 25, was supposed to meet up with her fiance and his five family members in Singapore.

The seven of them were travelling from Surabaya to Singapore for a holiday.

Despite taking a later flight, she arrived at Changi Airport from Surabaya before them.

Mr Alain Oktavianus Siauw, 27, his parents, and three brothers were on the ill-fated AirAsia Flight QZ8501.

Miss Sidharta told reporters at Changi Airport on Sunday that she and Mr Alain had planned to marry in May next year.

Their trip here was supposed to be their last vacation together before getting hitched, she said in a mix of English and Bahasa Indonesia.

She said she was on the way to the airport in Surabaya when she heard the news that Flight QZ8501 had gone missing.

"I heard it on the radio and immediately browsed the Internet and saw the news. My heart knew by then that my fiancé was on that flight," she said.

Family was en route to see MGS student

PINING: Chiara Natasha holding a picture of her family. Her parents and two brothers, including Nico Giovanni (below) were on their way to visit her for Christmas. - PHOTOS: THE STAR, INTERNET

Chiara Natasha was waiting for her family to arrive to celebrate a belated Christmas.

But the Methodist Girls' School student's family never reached Singapore, as they were on the AirAsia flight.

Four members of her family were on the flight: her father Herumanto Tanus, her mother Indahju Liangsih and her brothers Nico Giovanni, 17, and Justin Giovanni, 9.

Nico, a St Andrew's Junior College student, held a Singapore Ministry of Education scholarship and had studied at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

Chiara, 15, has flown back to Surabaya.

Speaking to Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao at the crisis centre in Surabaya's Juanda International Airport, Chiara said that she could not believe that her whole family may have died on their way to visit her in Singapore.

Her aunt, Ms Juliana, said on Monday that she was not giving up hope, as she owes it to her niece, the only member of the family who was not on the plane.

"How do I even begin to describe how I feel? There are just no words," she told TNP over the phone.

"I still hope they will return safely to us."

The family maid, Ms Nana, was seen on Monday holding a photo outside the crisis room.

She broke down in tears as she spoke to reporters, saying she had looked after the children "since they were babies". She said she had worked for the family for 18 years.

Mr Herumanto's last words to her before the flight was that they were meeting Chiara in Singapore and for her to "take care in Surabaya".

New Year's Eve tragedy for young family

They were a young family coming here to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Mr David Gunawan, in his 30s, and his wife, Madam Juliana Ho, were on the plane with their daughter, Kayla Audrey, and son, Kenneth Matthew.

Mr Gunawan's cousin said the children were aged seven and five, but did not specify which one was older.

The family was looking forward to their holiday here, but it was not to be.

Korean preachers travelling with baby

They were Korean missionaries travelling to Singapore to renew their visas.

Mr Park Seong Beom, 37, and his wife Madam Lee Kyung Hwa, 36, were sent to Indonesia three years ago.

The couple were on the plane with their 11-month-old infant daughter, Park Yuna, and were from Yeosu, a fishing village 450km south of Seoul.

The only Koreans on the plane, they were from Yeosu First Presbyterian Church, which Mr Park has been a part of since childhood.

Family of seven were on year-end holiday

They travelled at the end of every year. Sometimes it was Bangkok, other times, it would be Hong Kong.

On Dec 28, Mr Charly Gunawan and his family were heading to Singapore on AirAsia Flight QZ8501.

On the plane, Mr Gunawan sat beside his youngest son, Stevie. His wife, Madam The Meiji Thejaksuma, sat behind them.

Their other son, Steven, and daughter, Stephanie, were seated separately further behind.

His mother-in-law, Madam Jo Indri, was accompanied by Miss Stephanie's fiancé, Mr Christianto Leonma Hutama.

Singaporean toddler, dad were first names on flight

The only Singaporean on the flight was two-year-old Zoe, who was travelling with her father, Mr Choi Chi Man (above), 48, the only Briton on the flight.

They were the first names on the passenger manifest.

Mr Choi moved to Indonesia this year to take up the role of unit managing director for electronic manufacturing firm Alstom Power.

The Guardian reported that he planned to fly to Singapore with his wife, Madam Wee Mei Yi, and five-year-old son Luca.

In the end, the family got on separate flights as there were insufficient tickets on the earlier flight his wife and son were on.

Mr Choi's brother, Mr Choi Chi Wai, 46, told the Daily Mail he was comforting his elderly parents, hoping for positive news but nevertheless "preparing them for the worst".

"It doesn't look good at the moment," he said.

"It is a very tricky time. We are just holding together for my parents.

"They don't know what to make of it."