Toothless man in America charged with biting roommate

This article is more than 12 months old

A man in Seattle, Washington was in court for allegedly biting his female roommate after she refused to clean his ear.

Get this - the man has no teeth.

Kenneth Chambers, 52, was so angry at his unidentified female roommate when she refused to clean his ear that he broke the door into her room, and attacked her, reported

He bit her on her wrist, then choked her and poured water on her, damaging her hearing aid in the process. 

When she called the police, Chambers threatened to kill her. 


When the police arrived they arrested Chambers after confirming the story with a witness.

According to court documents, Chambers admitted to biting the victim but only out of self defence, claiming the victim hit him first.

He also sound he could not have possibly hurt the victim as he had no teeth. 



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