UK throws away 1 million tons of untouched food a year

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Singapore isn't the only country with a food waste problem.

Recent studies by UK's Waste and Resources Action Programme show that the country produces 7 million tons of food waste a year.

And more startling, 1 million tons of that is still in its wrapping.

Potatoes make up almost a quarter of this untouched food waste (230,000 tons), reported Mail Online.

Salad and vegetables make up half of it, reported The Guardian.

Most of this food was disposed of because it had exceeded the eat-by date.

Energy Live News reported that this is costing £2.4billion (S$5.1b) a year nationally or £90 per household. 

The two studies involved almost 3,000 UK households.

Food waste in Singapore

Singapore had an astounding 796,000 tonnes of food waste last year, according to National Environment Agency statistics released in March.

It marked a steep 13.2 per cent increase from the 703,200 tonnes dumped in 2012, and was the sharpest spike in at least six years.

Before last year, food waste had typically gone up between 1.6 and 6.7 per cent year on year since 2007.​

Sources: Mail Online, Energy Live News, The Guardian


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