US teen wants to adopt his younger brother to keep family together

Teen brothers Brad, 19, and Jordan Rice, 16, had lost their mother to cancer in 2008 according to WLWT News.

But when their father, Cory Rice, unexpectedly died this past Christmas Eve, they became orphans with only themselves to rely on.

Brad knew that he had to stop his younger brother, Jordan, from being taken away from him, so he decided to adopt him to keep his little family together. 

"I had to grow up faster than most of my friends, I felt like, after mom passed, but now I have to keep an eye out for my brother and play the part that my dad did," Brad Rice told KSLA News.

The cost of their father's funeral, custody legal fees and many other expenses proved way more than any teenager could handle, so a close family friend set up a page for the boys on the crowd-funding site, GoFundMe.

In just eight days, their goal of US$50,000 (S$67,000) was met, with US$52,030 raised as of publication time.

"I'm happy we have so much help and support," Brad said.

Sources: WLWT News, KSLA News, GoFundMe

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