VIDEO Close shave as out-of-control car narrowly misses pedestrians

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This dramatic video shows two pedestrians' narrow escape from getting hit by a car that went out of control in a town in Manchester.

They were literally seconds from disaster and can count their lucky stars that they walked away to tell their story. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the driver who suffered head injuries.

The Greater Manchester Police posted the video on YouTube on Aug 11, in the hope of finding the pedestrians to to get more information about the crash.

In the video,  the two men can be seen walking on a pavement, which is cordoned off from the road by high railings, in Rochdale, Manchester.

They suddenly stop dead in their tracks.

A moment later we find out why, as a car comes barrelling towards them, barely missing them as it smashes into the building.

The grey Mini Cooper S had crashed through the barrier and into the Hopwood Hall College, police said. 

The Mirror reported that the driver of the car is a 21-year-old man who suffered head injuries and was taken to the Salford Royal Infirmary for medical care. 

Source: The Mirror, YouTube 

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