Video: Crash sends car flying through the air

This article is more than 12 months old

A chilling crash in Kansas was caught on camera.

The dashboard camera footage of a nearby vehicle showed a jeep flying over the vehicle it collided with.

The accident happened around 9am on a highway in Riley County.

The 41-year-old driver, Mr Greg Harris, was taken to hospital with unknown injuries, KWCH reported. 

No one was in the other vehicle, which was stationary, Fox8 reported.

ABC7 reported the man who recorded the incident as saying: "It was almost like something in a movie because most people in that situation would have swerved right or left to avoid the vehicle. It was almost as if he lined it up on person."

Here's a look at the crash again.

Sources: KSHB, KWCH, ABC7, Fox8

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