Watch flying jetski as it narrowly misses woman's head

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A woman posing for a photo on a jetski at a Bahamas beach narrowly escaped getting hit in the head by another jetski, which came flying at her.

You can see it all in a video which a bystander took.

The videographer was capturing a scene of two women at the beach, one taking a photo of another posing on a stationary jetski.

The woman on the jetski suddenly lets out a scream as she jumps off and runs away from it.

Seconds later we see the reason for the woman's reaction.

Another jetski comes screaming into the frame.

It collides with the beached jetski and launches into the air, narrowly missing the head of the first woman.

The Daily Express reported that the video was first uploaded onto YouTube by Brian Phral with this in the description of the video:

"This is a wreck that I caught out of the corner of my eye while shooting two girls that were taking photos of each other before going on a jet ski ride."

"As I panned to my left, and saw this other crazy jet ski guy literally jump her jet ski like a ramp.

"She had the craziest instinct to get off of the jetski at the last second to save her head literally.

While he has deleted the original video, copies of it have been circulating online, which has led some Internet commenters to question the origins of the video.

Bahamian news outlet Tribune 242 reported that the video is believed to have been taken in 2011 but has only recently surfaced after Phral uploaded it online.

Source: Daily Express, Tribue 242, YouTube, Facebook

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