Wife kills husband with teen boyfriend's help

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She claimed the 40-year-old died of heart attack

A teacher in India got her teenage lover to help her kill her drunk husband, but their scheme was revealed after a post-mortem was conducted.

Sudha Gupta, 28, murdered her husband, an Air Force sergeant, with the help of her 17-year-old boyfriend.

She claimed her 40-year-old husband had died of a heart attack and she went on to live with the teenager, but a post-mortem revealed their bluff a month later, reported Times of India.

After being questioned, the pair admitted to strangling Sergeant Ramesh Chandra at their home in Subrato Park in Delhi Cantonment on April 10 after he had passed out, having been drinking from morning to noon.

The teen has since been sent to a reformational home.

Gupta and her husband have a three-year-old daughter, who joined her mother in Tihar Jail yesterday because she has no one to look after her.

Gupta told the police she had been dissatisfied with her sex life since their marriage in 2008 and Sgt Chandra's alcoholism had strained their relationship within two years.

As a top graduate, she aspired to a better life and began teaching at an engineering coaching institute a few months ago, where she met the teenager, the son of an Indian Air Force employee.

"The boy fell in love with Sudha and made advances. She fell for his flirtatious conversations and he would drop her home on his bike after work," said a police officer, quoting her statement.

"Her husband, who would often be drunk, would reprimand her."


Sgt Chandra soon suspected his wife of infidelity and asked her to stay away from the youth.

But Gupta plotted to kill Chandra and move in with her boyfriend and to live on her salary and insurance from her husband's death.

On April 10, Sgt Chandra, although unwell, began drinking in the morning and passed out in the afternoon. Gupta called up her boyfriend and together, they strangled him.

She then called in neighbours and took her husband to hospital, telling them he had been complaining of chest pain and had collapsed suddenly.

On May 6, the postmortem report revealed that Sgt Chandra had been strangled to death.

AirAsia imposes new 'KLIA2 fee'

AirAsia passengers flying to and from Kuala Lumpur may be surprised by a new "KLIA2 fee".

The airline started charging its passengers a RM3 (S$1.20) fee with each ticket booked since last Friday, reported Malaysia's The Star.

Malaysia Airports Holdings was quick to distance itself from the move, issuing a statement to deny that it had anything to do with it.

"There is no such charge as the 'KLIA2 fee' by the airport," the statement said.

"The airport charges are standard and applicable to all airlines at our airports," it said in response to queries from the public over the fee.

"We have highlighted to AirAsia to explain this additional RM3 fee to the public."


AirAsia chief Aireen Omar said in an interview that the airline was imposing the fee on all its customers using the new terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2).

"We did our own calculations based on the charges imposed on us by Malaysia Airports...the RM3 fee is for the aerobridge charge, the check-in system and other new things implemented in KLIA2 that weren't available at (the earlier low-cost terminal)," said Ms Omar.