Woman in Malaysia tries to slice off man's penis

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A man in Malaysia received the worse possible shock a man can receive when he was awoken by "a pain in his private parts".

The shock was further compounded when the unnamed 40-year-old man from Myanmar saw blood coming out from his nether regions, reported The Star Online. 

Turns out the person who was responsible for this was his estranged wife.

The couple are in the midst of divorce proceedings and are living separately. 

The incident happened on Mon (Jul 14) at the man's house in Selayang, a town in the state of Selangor.

The 40-year-old woman, also from Myanmar, had gone over to the man's apartment. 

The man had let the woman in and then for reasons unexplained fell asleep in the living room while the woman was still in the apartment.

The police chief for Sentul,OCPD Asst Comm R. Munusamy, said that when the victim awoke, he saw his knife-wielding wife running out of the house.

"Neighbours rushed him to the hospital and doctors managed to repair the damage," he said.

The man is currently in hospital and in stable condition after receiving 10 stitches, while the woman is currently on the run.

Source: The Star Online.


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