Woman wakes up to find molester removing her clothes, but she does nothing because...

A housewife in Sarawak, Malaysia, woke up to find a man taking off her clothes but did not object, as she assumed it was her husband.

China Press reported that the suspect entered the 31-year-old woman's bedroom while she was asleep on Sunday night (Feb 8).

At that time, the woman's husband was not at home.  

The suspect began caressing her and removing her clothes and the woman, believed to be drowsy, did not object, thinking it was her husband. 

When the husband returned home, he was stunned to see a man lying on top of his naked wife.    

The husband attacked the molester and restrained him before calling the police. 

His wife was later sent to a hospital in Miri for a check up.

Source: The Star Online, China Press

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