Outrage in Saudi Arabia as woman reads news without veil

This article is more than 12 months old

An anchorwoman for a Saudi Arabia TV channel caused a controversy when she did not don a head scarf or veil while reading the news.

It was an unprecedented sight in the Saudi kingdom, and the scene on Al Ekhbariya news channel outraged some viewers.

While Saudi TV does show unveiled women, it usually happens on foreign shows or when they are guest speakers - never for news readers, reported Mail Online.

Gulf News reported Saudi radio and television spokesman Saleh Al Mughailif as saying: "She was a correspondent reading the news from a studio in Britain."

"She was not in a studio inside Saudi Arabia and we do not tolerate any transgression of our values and the country’s systems," he said.

He added that measures were being taken to ensure this would not happen again.

Sources: Mail Online, Gulf News

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