Parents allegedly 'stamped on toddler so hard, his small intestine split'

A trial for the murder of a 22-month-old toddler, Levi Blu Cassin, who suffered horrific internal injuries in February last year, began this Tuesday (Nov 18) at Birmingham Crown Court in the UK. 

The toddler's parents, Danielle Cassin, 27, and Mark Piper, 31, who are on trial, are said to have "stamped on the toddler so hard they split his small intestine", according to Metro.

Danielle explained in court how she called for an ambulance when she discovered her child had stopped breathing.

The 22-month-old was pronounced dead an hour later after being sent to a hospital. 

According to Birmingham Mail, paramedics found Levi lying on his back with his eyes wide open, with blue lips. 

'Extreme violence' 

Said Timothy Raggatt QC while prosecuting: "This case is about the death of a 22-month-old boy. It is the death of a child through quite extreme violence and is going to be quite emotive.

"Levi died as a result of abdominal injuries. They were very significant, major internal injuries.

"The totality of the injuries was so severe that they could not have happened by accident, they are the result of at least one very substantial blow to the abdomen and maybe more."

The trial is still ongoing. 

Source: Metro, Birmingham Mail, Mirror Online

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