Parents to give up an eye each for their baby

This article is more than 12 months old

A Malaysian couple are sacrificing one of their own eyes just so their son can see.

Their 17-month-old baby boy's left eye is blind, and his right is impaired.

So, his parents - Yus Nurlina Mohd Yusuf, 25, and Khairul Syafiq Azmi, 27 - will each donate an eye to their son, reported Harian Metro.

His mother Yus told the paper: "My husband and I do not mind being blind in one eye so that our son can have a brighter future.”

Baby Khairil Mikhail also has a host of other medical issues, for which he is undergoing treatment at hospitals in Malacca, KL and Seremban. 


Source: Harian Metro, The Star