Party-goer gives oral sex to 23 men - for a $5 bottle of wine

This article is more than 12 months old

A British reveller might have went over the top by going down on 23 men - all for a €3 (S$5) bottle of wine. 

A grainy video which went viral appeared to show the girl performing oral sex on the male holidaymakers to win a bottle of cava​ at a nightclub in the notorious party capital of Magaluf, Spain, reported Daily Mail.

Crowds scream as a DJ apparently counts the number of men she notches up while playing the song Sexy and I Know It, the report added.

Mayor of the muncipality Manu Onieva had voiced his "absolute indignation" and said police were investigating the practice.

He also warned bars they face closure if they are found to have broken the law.

Drunk revellers

The incident happened as part of a bar crawl and it’s believed the groups of young revellers had been drinking unlimited free booze for more than four hours when the video was taken on a mobile phone, reported Chronicle Live. 

Mr Reece Martini, who originally posted the two-and-a-half-minute video on Facebook, could not believe the response he got as the video instantly went viral.

"After uploading that video yesterday I received 3,400 friend requests, 147 inboxes, and blocked off Facebook for an hour," he wrote in a post, reported Metro. 

British reality television star Jay Gardner was seen in the video but did not take part. 

“It happened a few weeks back and I had totally forgot about the whole thing until someone tweeted me yesterday," said the Geordie Shore star.

“It’s the most shocking thing, it’s really bad. It’s even worse because the video’s gone everywhere."

Sources: Daily Mail, Chronicle Live, Metro