Passenger leaves dead body in Bangkok taxi trunk

This article is more than 12 months old

We've heard stories of people leaving their wallets, phones and other valuables in the cab.

But leaving a dead body behind? That's really unusual.

Cab driver Uthai Phetseekaew told Thai police that a young man in his 20s boarded his taxi on Monday night, reported Bangkok Post.

Before getting into the front passenger seat, the man put something in the boot.

The man alighted at the Bang Khun Thien area of Bangkok, paid the fare and left without retrieving anything from the boot.

When Mr Uthai realised that, he opened the boot and found a dead man in a black plastic bin.

Passenger disappears

He tried looking for the passenger, but failed. He then reported the incident to the police.

The dead man was in a sleeveless black shirt and white jeans.

He was wrapped in a blanket, reported Bangkok Post​. 

Source: Bangkok Post