Pay to breathe, says Venezuelan airport

This article is more than 12 months old

Want to breathe clean air? If you're at the biggest international airport in Venezuela, you will have to cough up 127 Bolivars (S$25).

The Maiquetia International Airport in Caracas is imposing this "breathing tax" to cover the cost of a new system that uses ozone to to purify the air. 

A press release from the Ministry of Water and Air Transport says the technology will eliminate bacterial growth to "protect the health of traverlers," as well as deodorise and sanitise the building.

The South American country boasts that it is the first country in the continent and in the Caribbean to do so.

Some have expressed ridicule at this new measure on social media.

One Twitter user, Daniel Martinez, tweeted in Spanish: "Can you explain to me the ozone thing in Maiquetia? The toilets have no water, the air-con is broke and there are stray dogs inside the airport. But there is ozone?"

Sources: CNN, BBC, International Business Times