Pay to queue? Some are paid $3k to queue for new iPhone two weeks before expected release

It doesn't matter that no one knows any concrete details about the upcoming Apple event on Sept 9. 

People are already queuing up at an Apple Store in New York City, as they wait to be the first to lay eyes - and their hands - on the rumoured iPhone 6.

Sit-ins and sleep-ins are on the cards, as they come with sleeping bags and chairs in tow.

Well, they better get comfortable because it will be a long wait.

While the phone is expected to be unveiled next Tuesday, the iPhone is expected to go on sale on Sept 19 - yes, that's two weeks away.

Brian Ceballo, who arrived on Sunday, said that he wanted to beat the record, which had been 18 days.

Hmm, hope they have figured out shower solutions then.

Paid to queue

Don't laugh. There are perks waiting.

Ceballo is being paid US$2,500 (S$3,130) to queue on behalf of an electronic reseller.

He has made about US$7,000 to date waiting for Apple launches, CNBC News reported.

Robert Samuel, the founder and owner of professional line-waiting service Same Ole Line Dudes, said he has already received seven orders for the iPhone 6 despite the lack of details about the phone.

He is paid US$25 for the first hour and US$10 for each additional half-hour.

Would you consider paying someone else to queue for you? 

Source: CNBC News

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