Phallic structure being erected at NZ train station

New Zealanders are scratching their heads over a new structure that has come up at a railway station in Auckland.

Meant to look like clouds and raindrops, the structure instead has been said to resemble a penis, the BBC reported.

The phallic piece, called Transit Cloud, cost NZ$200,000 (S$200,000) to set up.

Newspapers and television news outlets there have expressed shock at the structure.

One female resident, clearly with a sense of humour, was quoted on local TV news as saying: "I was surprised that it was erected."

The structure's sculptor Gregor Kregar, who created the work with his artist wife Sara Hughes and architect Davor Popadich, told the New Zealand Herald that there was never any intention of creating a large phallic image in the sky. "Art is out there to stir reaction," he said.

Source: BBC News, The New Zealand Herald

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