Phone thief bashed to death in M'sia by passers-by

A man was bashed to death by passers-by last week after he stole a mobile phone from a lorry driver.

Unemployed man Ooi Sim Guan, 38, stopped a lorry in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia ​on Sept 26 and hitched a ride. He was dropped off a kilometre away.

The lorry driver discovered his mobile phone was missing from his vehicle’s dashboard and suspected that Ooi had stolen it.

The driver turned his vehicle around and went to look for Ooi.

Died of injuries

An argument ensued between the two. Several passers-by got involved and attacked Ooi.

Ooi was taken to hospital and died of his injuries three days later.

The lorry driver has been detained by police. 

A 23-year-old man, who allegedly joined several others in bashing up Ooi, turned himself in on Wednesday, police said. He has been remanded as well.

Source: The Star