Phuket’s Tiger Kingdom closes enclosure after Australian tourist is mauled

Phuket's Tiger Kingdom closed its Big Cat enclosure on Thursday after a mauling incident.

A 15-month-old tiger attacked Australian tourist Paul Goudie, 49, on Tuesday, biting his both legs and stomach.

The man was dragged to safety by a park attendant and taken to hospital.

Bangkok Post reported that Mr Goudie has undergone surgery and has more operations scheduled.


The incident happened while Mr Goudie was walking around in an area where visitors are allowed to touch and take photos with the big cats.

Phuket Wan reported that the tiger was tasered as the tourist was being rescued. 

Tiger Kingdom, which opened on the island in August last year, gets hundreds of tourist every day, reported Bangkok Post.

The adult tigers are reportedly chained and drugged so that visitors can cuddle up to them and take photographs.

Not meant to be caged, cuddled

A local resident told UK daily The Telegraph “the news of the mauling is shocking but not surprising. These are wild animals, they’re not meant to be caged and cuddled."

"I feel sympathy for the man in question, but I don’t understand why tourists think it’s safe to pose for Facebook photos with wild animals in the first place."

Tiger Kingdom has closed Big Cat enclosure temporarily, though visitors can still visit cages containing smaller tigers, reported Phuket Wan.

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