This picture taken in front of TransAsia plane crash site sparks outrage

Netizens saw red.

The object of their ire: A photo of three women posing in front of ongoing rescue operations for the doomed TransAsia GE235 - with big smiles.

The flight carrying 58 passengers and crew on board took off from Taipei Songshan airport on Wednesday (Feb 4).

It was bound for the Kinmen Islands off the coast of south-eastern China.

Moments after the flight took off, it lurched nose-up between buildings, clipped an overpass and a taxi with one of its wings and then crashed upside down into the Keelung river.

At least 32 people were killed. About a dozen remain missing, Taiwanese officials said.

As rescue personnel rush to conduct their operations, the trio was snapped posing at the scene, flashing peace signs. 



Shanghaiist website reported that a Taiwanese man also came under fire for his less-than-sympathetic Facebook post.

There was a selfie of him and his smiling son with a caption wishing death on mainland tourists onboard the doomed flight.

The plane was carrying 58 people, including 31 passengers from mainland China.

Sources: Twitter, Facebook, Shanghaiist