Police crack down on speeding

Motorists, you have been warned.

The Traffic Police will be putting up new and better digital speeding cameras on the roads from March 1 to catch those who drive too fast.

These 20 cameras will be put up in 11 locations.

Six of these spots currently already have speed cameras, but five locations are new. (see the map below)

Infographics: Singapore Police Force

Police said they picked these five new areas based on the number of speeding cases detected along these stretches, the number of accidents, as well as from public feedback.

These cameras are more sophisticated than the existing ones and can capture speeding vehicles more clearly and can detect up to 32 vehicles at any one time.

In the last three years, a total of 144 people have died or been injured as a result of speeding-related accidents.

Those caught speeding can be fined between $130 and $200 and also get between 4 and 24 demerit points, depending on how excessive the speeding is.

Police nabbed 278,545 motorists last year for speeding.




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