Police investigate semi-nude Ipoh 'bride and groom'

The Malaysian Insider reports that Ipoh police are investigating photographs shared on social media of a semi-nude 'bride and groom', citing indecent behaviour. 

The photos were shared widely on messaging app WhatsApp today (Aug 25). 

In it, the 'groom' is shirtless and only wearing a pair of black trousers, while the 'bride' is clad only in undies and a wedding veil. 

Screengrab / The Malaysian Insider

While it is not known when the photo shoot occurred, The Star reports that the pair were not a couple, but models. 

A wedding gallery manager, only known as Mr Koo, said the photographers were just being "creative". 

"People are over-reacting because they have never seen a bikini-clad woman on the streets before," he said. 

Lawyers The Star spoke to said they did not feel the photo shoot constituted a criminal offence, but Ipoh police said the couple would be investigated for indecent behaviour. 

Earlier this month, eight Malaysian were taken into police custody after a video of them participating in "nude games" in Penang surfaced online. 

The organiser of the games has since apologised. 

Source: The Malaysian Insider, The Star