Police nab two over 'dog in washing machine' abuse video

Two men were arrested for alleged animal cruelty - after a video clip showing one man putting a poodle inside a washing machine went viral.

The suspects - identified only by their surnames Leung, 38, and Wong, 22 -  were nabbed on Friday at their Mongkok.

Hong Kong's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) had filed a complaint over the incident, the Apple Daily reported. The arrests come after a month of investigations.

The 21-second video first appeared on YouTube on July 28: One man was filmed placing a brown toy poodle inside a washing machine as the dog struggled to climb out.

The pooch tried to resist and pawed the man but to no avail.

The man suddenly put down the lid on the dog and appeared to press some buttons to operate the machine, South China Morning Post reported. 

His move seemed to have  panicked another person behind the camera who yelled: "Are you serious? Are you crazy? You idiot!" 

It was not known if the machine was switched on.

In late August, a Hong Kong Facebook user by the name Jacky Lo put up photos and videos of a small white dog spinning inside a washing machine and claimed that the dog was dead. 

Police had said they were investigating Lo's case for animal cruelty but no arrest had been made.

Sources: YouTube, South China Morning Post, Star Online