Police officer Darren Wilson speaks about the Michael Brown shooting: "I have a clear conscience."

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The police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot dead an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson said that he would not have done anything differently if given the chance.

It was announced yesterday that a grand jury has decided that Wilson will not be charged for the killing of 18-year-old Brown.

He also told ABC News in his first interview that he has a "clean conscience".



Wilson reiterated multiple times that he feared for his life as Michael Brown came charging at him.

"All I wanted to do was live" said the 28-year-old who had never shot his gun prior to shooting Brown.

"He charged me, he was going to kill me," he added.

He described Brown as a "powerful man", comparing him to professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Wilson had also used the same comparison in his testimony to the grand jury.

Here is an exc​erpt below:

Wilson is said to be about 1.93m and 95 kg while Brown is 1.95m and 131kg.

He also said that Brown had punched him twice and was afraid that a third punch would be fatal.

These are the injuries he sustained from the incident.



Wilson said: "I didn't know if I'd be able to withstand another hit like that."

"I had reached out my window with my right hand to grab onto his forearm 'cause I was gonna try and move him back and get out of the car to where I'm no longer trapped," said Wilson. 

He details exactly what happened in his testimony in the excerpt below:

Wilson then said that he fired a series of shots as Brown continued charging toward him.

"At this point, it looked like he was almost bulking up to run through the shots, like it was making him mad that I'm shooting at him."

When asked if he has a clean conscience, Wilson said: "The reason I have a clean conscience is because I know I did my job right.

"I don't think it's haunting. It's always going to be something that happened."

Many Americans have referred to this shooting as a clear example of the disparity between how white and black people are treated by law enforcement officials.

But when asked if the shooting on August 9 would have ended the same way if Brown was white, Wilson answered: Yes... no question."

Source: ABC News, Vox, 


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