Police smash window to rescue baby left in hot car

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A mother left her six-month-old baby in the car while she went shopping at a mall in Wales.

Passers-by spotted the little girl in the vehicle at Parc Morfa shopping centre's open air car park and called the cops, reported Mail Online.

Police smashed the car window with their batons and rescued the child from the hot car.

Temperatures in Swansea hit 25 deg C around lunchtime on July 17.

The baby was taken to hospital and was found to be okay, BBC reported.

It is not known how long the child had been in the car.

Child neglect

The 39-year-old mother, who was with an older child, later returned to the car with her shopping bags.

A South Wales Police spokesman said: “Police were called to Parc Morfa retail park in Swansea shortly before 1.30pm on Thursday, July 17, after receiving a report of a baby being locked inside a car.

“Officers have interviewed a 39-year-old woman from the Port Talbot area who has received a caution for neglect of a child.”

Wales Online reported a spokesman for pressure group Kids and Cars as saying: “Children’s bodies overheat three to five times faster than those of adults. Heatstroke begins when the core body temperature reaches about 40 deg C and the thermoregulatory system is overwhelmed. A core temperature of above 41 deg C is lethal."

“On a 29 deg C day, the temperature in a car, even with windows slightly lowered, can reach 38 deg C in 10 minutes. After 30 minutes it can reach 48 deg C.”

Sources: Wales Online, Mail Online, BBC News

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