Polish woman rises from the dead in morgue

She woke from the dead - literally.

Polish woman Janina Kolkiewicz surprised morgue workers when she began moving - 11 hours after being declared dead at home.

Public television broadcaster TVP reported yesterday (Nov 13) that the 91-year-old woman found herself inside a body bag within a cold morgue chamber in eastern Poland last Thursday (Nov 6).

“I was sure she was dead,” said doctor Wieslawa Czyz.

“I’m stunned, I don’t understand what happened," she added. "Her heart had stopped beating, she was no longer breathing."

Speaking to a local newspaper, Janina's niece, Bogumila Kolkiewicz said that her aunt has no recollection of the incident due to her late-stage dementia.

“Once we got her home, she said she was freezing and asked for a hot cup of tea,” she said.

Police are investigating the incident.

Source: AFP