POLL: Should your neighbourhood pharmacy sell vibrators?

This article is more than 12 months old

Vibrators made by Swedish personal massager brand Smile Makers are now on the shelves at pharmacies here. 

According to the manufacturers, the vibrator is the first device aimed at women's self-pleasure to be sold at Watsons stores.

It also said that it is the first vibrator aimed at women to be sold outside of an adult toy store here.

Watsons and other stores already carry Play Vibrations, a vibrating ring designed for use with a condom. 

The New Paper visited a neighbourhood branch of Watsons in Toa Payoh and found the Smile Makers products sold in the same section that carries condoms and pregnancy kits, on the bottom shelf. The products are also advertised on the Watsons site.  

There are four different styles available, with the packaging for each showing a different cartoon drawing. 

How do you feel about such vibrators being sold at Watsons stores? Take our poll below.





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