Poll: Were Joseph Schooling and team-mates in the wrong when they had a late night out at the Asian Games?

Joseph Schooling and two other swimmers at the Asian Games allegedly appeared intoxicated at the entrance of the athletes' village after a night out in Incheon. 

Schooling, 19, Roanne Ho, 21, and Teo Zhen Ren, 21, were escorted by a security official from the entrance of the athletes' village to their block in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Singapore chef de mission Jessie Phua said in a statement yesterday: "It has been brought to our attention that three athletes returned to the athletes' village in the early hours on Sep 27.

"We will investigate further after the games."

Do you think that Joseph Schooling and the other Singaporeans are in the wrong for celebrating the end of the Asian Games by drinking alcohol?

Tell us what you think in our poll below.

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