Popular Spanish chef Dario Barrio dies after parachute fails during jump

This article is more than 12 months old

A popular Spanish television chef died after his parachute failed to open after a base jump in Spain.

Dario Barrio, 42, who was fond of such extreme activities, jumped from a castle that looks out over a castle in the Andalucian region.

He was taking part in the International Air Festival near Jaen.

The chef, who conducted a masterclass in Singapore during the World Gourmet summit, had planned to jump from the castle in the Sierra de Segura range as part of a tribute to his friend Alvaro Bulto, a well-known Spanish base jumper who also died last August during a jump.

His final flight was captured on video by a fan. 

Festival organisers have since shut down other activities. They also said in a statement that they "deeply regret" Mr Barrio's death and would be doing everything possible to support his family.

Barrio began his love for cooking at the age of 14, and worked at different restaurants before becoming a familiar face to the Spanish public with his television program 'Todos contra el Chef' (Everything against the Chef).


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