Postman makes sex call on job

This article is more than 12 months old

An amorous postman has admitted to making a phone sex call on the job.

Briton Paul Buswell, 38, let himself into an elderly couple's house to deliver a parcel.

He then used the phone to make a three-minute call to a premium sex chat service last year, reported Daily Mail. 

The postman fled when he saw one of the homeowners returning. 

The couple suspected something amiss when they noticed the misplaced phone outside the house. They were left red-faced when a husky sex chat operator answered after dialling the last number. 

Admitted fraud charge

The Royal Mail postman for 15 years admitted a charge of fraud by false representation this week, reported Metro.

Prosecutor Liz Dodds said: “(Mr Buswell) has extended his right to enter the address and used the landline in the way the court has heard.”

Defending, Mr Buswell's lawyer, Chris Black said: "He has made a foolish mistake that he has admitted to. He says he is unable to explain his actions in this incident." 

Buswell will be sentenced next month.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro