Power outage at Sydney airport strands thousands

This article is more than 12 months old

A power outage at Sydney Airport's Terminal 2 this morning caused thousands of passengers to be stranded, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. 

Passengers headed out on domestic flights on Virgin, Jetstar and Tiger Airways were affected by the outage, according to 

"Sydney Airport has identified an issue with a substation, which caused the power interruption and affected back-up power sources," said a spokesman for the airport. 

Passengers cheered when power returned a little after 11.30am.

While they waited, some passengers took to social media to post pictures:

"No power = chaos" was the caption for this photo by Twitter user Helen Hayes. PHOTO: Twitter / HelenHayes4

"Power outage at T2 Sydney Airport.. #yuck" PHOTO: Instagram / lotetuqiri

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