Preschool kids in US thought Kate Middleton was Princess Elsa from Frozen

This article is more than 12 months old

Real-life princess? Who cares?

When little pre-schoolers in New York heard that a princess was going to visit them, they were expecting to see Princess Elsa, the now-ubiquitous character from Disney's huge hit Frozen.

Instead, they had to settle for Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The royal couple, including Prince William, are in New York for an official visit.

Rose Ann Harris, director of early childhood services at the Northside Center for Child Development, said: "They thought she was the Princess from Frozen.

"When they heard she was coming, they thought it was Elsa," she added.

Though she did not quite build a snowman with the children, Kate joined volunteers and donors to wrap Christmas presents (yes, the gifts included several toys from Frozen).

The Duchess even played along by asking the children: "Do you really like Frozen?"

Bet that helped to break the ice (pun intended, of course).

Sources: Telegraph, Time, Us Weekly

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