Queen Elizabeth tweets for the first time ... and gets trolled within minutes



What you just read is the first ever tweet from a British monarch on Friday.

Signing off as Elizabeth R. (R standing for regina, the Latin word for queen), Queen Elizabeth II sent the message via Buckingham Palace's official Twitter account to aptly commemorate the opening of the Information Age exhibition at London's Science Museum on Friday.

It didn't take long for Twitter to show Her Royal Highness what the micro-blogging site is all about.

The Science Museum provided her first reply as well as her first hashtag:

Within minutes, the Queen was greeted by her first troll.

...before her very own parody account wrote her off as an imposter.

While many tweeted their salutations and messages of support, several loyal subjects tried to get a bit personal.



One guy accurately predicted what I would be doing today:

Another man gave the Queen some friendly social media advice:


While one lady gave her take on how to improve Her Highness' Twitter experience:



One guy asked perhaps one of the most pressing questions about the whole thing:


Source: Twitter via Mail Online

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