QZ8501: More countries join search for AirAsia plane

This article is more than 12 months old

More countries will join the international search efforts for the missing AirAsia QZ8501 flight.

China is sending a Navy frigate to the waters of the search zone, South Korea is also pitching in.

Seoul's foreign ministry said that it is sending a surveillance plane to join the Indonesia-led search operation.

The aircraft is expected to arrive later on Tuesday. It had already been in talks with six countries to get approval for the plane to pass into Indonesia airspace.

In addition, aircraft from Thailand will also join the operation today.

Meanwhile, the USS Sampson, a guided missile destroyed based in the Western Pacific, will arrive in the search area near Belitung later today. 

Detik reported that the total search area is about 156,000 sq km.

Around 30 Ships, 15 aircraft and seven helicopters from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia are already involved in the search. 

Source: Xinhua, Detik