Received this message? Here's a police advisory on how to safeguard yourself against robbers

There's a text message making the rounds: It warns people about robbers who pretend to be are from "a Singapore Water Company".

Arriving in your phones either by SMS or WhatsApp, it tells recipients that the suspicious individuals claim to be representatives from a company called "Eskom."

An Internet search showed that Eskom is the name of a South Africa-based public utilities company that produces electricity for most of South Africa

Back in June, a concerned citizen corresponded with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on their Facebook wall about the matter.




The police advised the public to adopt the following measures to avoid becoming a potential victim.

...Whenever they are approached at their home by anyone claiming to be a contractor/repairman
a) Always keep your grille gates locked and never open the doors to 

b) Do not allow anyone who claims to be a contractor/ repairman to enter your house without verifying his/her identity;

c) If in doubt, verify his/her identity with the company concerned, or contact your family members or Police for assistance; and

d) Do not keep large sums of money or valuables in the house. Keep the money in a safe or deposit it in the bank.

Singapore Police Force.

SPF has also previously issued a more in-depth advisory on the steps that members of the public can take to safeguard themselves.

For details, click here.   

Sources: Singapore Police Force, Facebook, Eskom