Riders stuck for five hours on US roller coaster

This article is more than 12 months old

Thrill seekers were in for the ride of their lives when a roller coaster at Six Flags suddenly stopped working near the peak of the ride. 

The Joker's Jinx ride stalled and the people who were stuck had to be rescued by the fire department in the Maryland county.

It took almost five hours before the riders were rescued.



The cars were about 22m above ground.

Rescuers had to use ladder trucks and then attached harnesses to the patrons so the safety bars in the ride's car could be let up.

No one was said to be injured.



Assistant Fire Chief Paul Gomez said that it took a while to access the riders because of the cars' location smack in the middle of the ride. There were also other obstacles like fences that had to be moved so that the ladder trucks were in an optimal position.

The roller coaster ride includes a corkscrew, a cobra roll and a sidewinder loop - all of which means that the riders would be facing the ground. Thankfully, the car was stuck in an upright position.



The cause of the ride stalling has not yet been determined, said a Six Flags spokesman.

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