Robbers hijack armoured van while guards were away having dinner

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Robbers in Malaysia hijacked an armoured van on Monday evening while the guards were having dinner at a nearby restaurant.

They tied up the driver, who was the only person in the vehicle, and made away with RM 2 million (S$778,000) in cash.

The incident happened in Seri KembanganSelangor

The van was parked several metres away from the restaurant where the three guards were having their meal.

Caught him by surprise

The driver told police that a couple of men with pistols caught him by surprise and tied him up, reported The Star.

The robbers drove off in the vehicle, but abandoned it soon after at about 9pm.

It was only 15 minutes after finishing their meal that the guards realised the van was missing,

They combed the area and found it nearby with the driver still tied up. But by then, the robbers had already fled.

'Why stop to eat?'

But the police have doubts about their story and have detained the driver and the three guards.

Selangor police chief Abdul Samah Che Mat said they should not have stopped the vehicle with so much money inside.

He said: “Standard operating procedure does not allow them to stop. They were carrying a lot of money. Why stop to eat?

"That’s against their training.” 

Source: The Star

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